About us

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat…”

Will stop us from providing you with the finest beginner greenhouses on the market.

And that’s why we have our own spin on the gardener’s recipe: one part soil, two parts water, three parts wishful thinking an Ogrow greenhouse.

Hey there, fellow grower!

As you tend to your fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even cannabis (hey, as long as you’re growing something!), we’re here to help you bring back the joy of gardening.

Because if you’re battling wind, frost, pests, sun, and a too short growing season, gardening can quickly go from joy to drag.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our products are here to protect the art of gardening.

What keeps us going

Our commitment to make a beginner greenhouse available to every gardener, everywhere. No matter their budget, space, or needs.

If you take even a quick look at the market, you’ll see there’s a need that wasn’t being addressed. Yes, you can get a custom greenhouse for $$$, but what about the home-gardener who needs something different?

And that’s when we decided: it’s time to take things back and put envy-worthy plants within reach of all growers.

What we want for YOU

Every gardener and home-grower should have access to the perfect greenhouse, one that fits their needs and their budget.

Whether you’re a total newbie to the joys of gardening (welcome!) or an experienced pro, we want you to find exactly what you’re looking for, plus all the things you didn’t even know you should be looking for!

We’re dedicated to improving and growing
(sorry, we had to slip in one growing pun!)
our product line.

But the real drivers of innovation aren’t the people who sit in our warehouse. It’s the people like

you who get out there and coax the most amazing flowers and herbs out of (sometimes uncooperative!) soil, rain, and clime.

And that’s why listening to our customers is one of our most important company values here at Ogrow. We’re constantly perfecting our products based on our customers’ feedback.

Ready to join the growth?