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Convenience: Tending a Greenhouse is a pleasurable and relaxing activity. Ogrow Greenhouses are designed with your convenience in mind. We want you to be satisfied from the moment you take it out of the box, to when (your) you're planting and growing. Every aspect of an Ogrow Greenhouse is designed in a way that your Greenhouse tending should be enjoyable.


Made of High Quality materials and workmanship

We pride ourselves on the quality, high standards and workmanship of all our products. Each component of an Ogrow Greenhouse must meet our superior quality criteria. We make every effort to ascertain that you will enjoy your Ogrow Greenhouse for many years to come.


We design our Greenhouses with you in mind

Tending a Greenhouse is a pleasurable and relaxing activity. Ogrow Greenhouses are designed with your convenience in mind. From the moment you take it out of the box, to your planting and growing. Every aspect an Ogrow Greenhouse is designed in a way that your Greenhouse tending should be enjoyable.


Every size and shape you can think of.

Every garden, every back yard is different in size and shape. At Ogrow Greenhouses, we took that fact into consideration and designed the widest variety of Greenhouses on the market. We fit everywhere.


We stand behind what we sell

We are very proud of the quality of our products. It is our wish that you too be proud of your Ogrow Greenhouse. We therefore guarantee your purchase. We will replace any part that fails, period.


Your sales will increase by carrying one of our popular items in your store or on your website.
We make it easy for you to carry our products.


As direct importers we afford you the opportunity of choosing from a large stock of varied sizes and shapes. We are convinced that at Ogrow you will always find the Greenhouse that sells best in your website or store.


Most of our reseller orders go out same day. Our stock is automatically and continuously updated, so you know what is in stock. We return calls quickly and attend to any of your issue promptly.


We are completely set up to handle drop ship orders quickly – no matter the quantity. We accept orders via email, EDI or API. We keep you informed every step of way; from when the orders come in to our system to when it's shipped.


Our catalogue team is ready to provide you with templates, photos and descriptions to help you with posting our items on your website. We offer buying guides as well, which help your customers choose the right Greenhouse while shopping.

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I NEVER thought I would buy a trampoline from Home Depot but I did and I am absolutely thrilled.

First, the Trampoline. I am an engineer and do a lot of research before I buy anything. I decided on Upper Bounce due to the weight limit on their trampolines, powder coated poles, and safety features. Their 13 ft trampoline has a weight limit of 330 pounds, enough for an adult and one or two children to bounce together. Most others of this size are 220 pounds max. The safety net is attached to the trampoline mat, not the outer spring edges. This means it's almost impossible for anyone to hit the springs when jumping, a feature that was high on my list due to kids.

The safety net is woven, not stitched. This provides very tiny holes, more like a screen door than the mesh screen of others. While I haven't had a tear, so I don't know how well it will hold up yet, the woven feature means it's near impossible for even the smallest kids to get their fingers stuck while jumping. Another great feature is there is a top shock-cord ring completely through the netting. The netting is held up by this ring through the net, not just a few straps attached to it. The connectors at the top of the pole also seem very strong, I expect no issues. The powder coated poles seem much stronger than competitors and the overall build quality is top-notch. We are absolutely thrilled with the quality and strength of the trampoline.

Second, the assembly. They are serious when they describe this as "easy to assemble". The only help my family provided was to hand me the parts, I put the entire trampoline up with no issues. The only thing I needed some help with was threading the shock-ring through the top of the net but I could have done that myself too. We took our time and the trampoline was up and we were jumping in less than 1.5 hours with zero issues.

Finally, the service. Home Depot shipped it immediately and it was at my house in a few days, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. This is exactly what I have come to expect from Home Depot and they did not disappoint. Unfortunately, when we received the trampoline three of the plastic locks on the safety net were broken during shipping. It seems one of the poles must have crushed them during shipping. Both clips for the zipper door and one of the clips that attaches the safety net to the trampoline were broken. Since none of these impacted the safety and usage of the trampoline we completed the installation and contacted Upper Bounce. The same day I sent the email indicating the issue with the safety net I was contacted by one of their support reps. She asked for a few photos of the damage. Early the next morning I received an email from support they were sorry and were shipping out a replacement net right away. I assumed it would take a week or two to receive the replacement since this was warranty and many companies use the slowest shipping method to save cost. Not this time, we received the replacement in 3 days! I was shocked to get it so quickly, I never even checked the tracking info they sent... Since I knew what I was doing replacing the old net with the new net took me only twenty minutes and we were bouncing like lunatics in no time. +1 for awesome customer service!

If anyone buys a different trampoline they are wasting their money!

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Bouncing Bob
2 Months Ago

Solid, with good details (foam bar covers, zipper and latches), nice size for our little grandchildren. I've never seen the one-year-old laugh with such delight! The almost-3-year-old exclaimed, "A bouncy thing!!" (We will add the word "trampoline" to her budding vocabulary.) A real hit around here. We had a trampoline while our children grew up; they remarked that protecting from the springs is a great idea. I was surprised to see the one-yr-old plaster her face against the netting or lean up against it - it is more than for safety. They like using it! Oh, and nap time was welcomed after all the exercise. There's a bonus for you!

December 23, 2015

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